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There are a number of reasons to get an 800 (8XX) number for your home or business.

  • Your kid is away at college, and you want her to call home more often
  • Your parents live in a different city, but they don't call much because of the long distance charges, and you'd like them to call you more
  • Your business has customers in neighboring towns, or across the US, and you'd like to make it easier for your customers to contact you
  • Your business has employees who travel a lot, and they need to be able to easily contact the home office
  • You travel a lot, but don't want to bother with calling cards when calling home to check in

With an 8XX number from Frontera, you can make it easy for others to contact you or your business.  If you already have an 8XX number, we can easily have it moved to us from your existing provider, without any interruption of your service.  Vanity 8XX numbers are also available.  

To get your own 8XX number, or to move your existing one to Frontera, call us at 1-877-603-8540.

For important information about this service, please review its service guide - personal/residential accounts - business/commercial accounts.

Rates and Surcharges

  • Interstate and intrastate calls:  10 per minute
  • Monthly fee:  $1.00 per 8XX number
  • Payphone surcharge:  50 per call placed at a payphone
  • Vanity 8XX number fee:  $10.00 one time fee per vanity 8XX number
  • All calls are billed in six (6) second increments, with an initial billing period of thirty (30) seconds
  • All applicable taxes and surcharges will be added
  • Calls must be originated within the United States
  • The 8XX number must terminate on a telephone number in the state of Texas


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